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  ALU is no longer open for enrollment and is no longer
offering free studies or free degrees!

You can go to WCMA's website to download the Textbooks
that were used for the Core Courses (for free) - these are for independent study only, i.e., The DOC Volumes


Aletheia Logos University is no longer accepting applications for admissions and therefore no longer provides free high-quality online academic study (or degrees) for adult learners who may or may not be an established ecclesiastical or allied health professional but wants a degree to enhance their personal growth as well as their chosen profession, vocation, avocation, or life work and who may not be able to attend a traditional university. This century has seen unprecedented social, political, technological and religious changes, and more profound changes lie ahead. By seeking a better understanding of the potential problems of the future, ALU aspires to contribute to making it a more humane and spiritual one through the academic and professional successes of its students and alumni.

ALU did offer a sensible alternative for the degree pursuits of full or part-time professionals via its virtual (online) campus technology. ALU's approach was compatible to societal changes and needs.

Although ALU was one of the newest Apostolic Pentecostal universities it was open to all faiths and had one of the largest student enrollments (over 1,000) of its kind in the world--students came to ALU from all over the globe. On-ground ALU extensions are also under development in many foreign countries.

ALU is an Apostolic tuition free online Pentecostal Bible College, University and Seminary for Studies in Christian Theology for UPCI, WCMA, ALJC, PAW, COOLJC, AWCF ministers and more, where you can earn free divinity and theology bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees.

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Daniel Briggs, Ph.D.
10671 U.S. Hwy 301
Oxford, FL 34484

ALU is an Apostolic Pentecostal Bible College, University and Seminary for Studies in Christian Theology for


Aletheia Logos University
is Endorsed


World Christian Ministries
Association, Inc.


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