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* ALU is a Member of, Affiliated with and Fully Endorsed by World Christian Ministries Association, Inc.

* ALU is Authorized to Operate by the Florida Department of Education.

* ALU may apply to other accrediting bodies in the near future, if appropriate.

* NOTE: Often, students who graduate from CHEA recognized (or regionally accredited) institutions discover that their degrees have little value on the street despite their enormous cost. Often, they are just not worth it.

 CNN Article
 Wallstreet Oasis Article
 My Budget 360 Article
 The Daily Beast Article
 And there are 100s of other similar research and news articles. So why pay such high costs for a CHEA recognized degree when all you may be left with is an enormous educational receipt or debt? Especially when you can gain the same skills and training for free.














Aletheia Logos University
10671 U.S. Hwy Route 301
Oxford, FL 34484

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ALU is Endorsed

World Christian Ministries
Association, Inc.

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