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If you are a new student to ALU you must first complete the following Core Courses before taking any other courses. The chart below shows the weighted credit value per course which is determined by the degree program level you enrolled in. Anyone can audit any of the first nine Core Courses below for free and at any time. However, to acquire college credits to be added to a transcript you must be 1) a verified free WCMA member 2) be a verified ALU student, 3) submit Intellectual-Emotional Responses for each chapter to your faculty advisor and 4) complete a Course Completion Audit Form. We also have over 1000 free online courses you can take as well. Click here to view the FREE Online Courses. These courses also serve as an alternative to completing Knowledge Area Demonstrations (KADs).

There is no tuition fee per Core Course textbook being audited for non-students. However, donations are accepted to cover processing and handling. All donations go to/through WCMA because non-students acquire them directly from WCMA, not ALU. Simply click the Donate button just below the Core Courses Chart to donate or to purchase your Core Course if you are an accepted student and indicate one or more Core Courses (DOC Volumes) of your choice. After your donation/tuition is received by WCMA/ALU, your textbook(s) will be sent to you at the email address you provide. Be sure your email address allows WCMA/ALU to send you an email with an attachment. This process usually takes less than 24 hours. If you cannot afford to donate, WCMA allows free downloading on their site for non-students; this allows all individuals to have access to study materials regardless of economic status, but no credit will be given to individuals not enrolled at ALU until published tuition fees are received/recorded.

Course Number Course Name

Credit Values
Undergrad | Graduate | Doctorate

PHIL-101 (DOC-1) The Axiomatic Force of the Universe 3     |       2       |      1
JUR-101 (DOC-2) Covenant Epistemology 3     |       2       |      1
THEO-101 (DOC-3) The Gospel Demystified 3     |       2       |      1
THEO-102 (DOC-4) Fundamental Apostolic Doctrines 3     |       2       |      1
ECC-101 (DOC-5) The Order of Melchisedec 3     |       2       |      1
JUR-102 (DOC-6) Kingdom (Covenant) Ministries 3     |       2       |      1
ECC-102 (DOC-7)

The Mystery of Christ and the Church

3     |       2       |      1
ESCH-101 (DOC-8) Eschatological Epistemology 3     |       2       |      1
PHIL-102 (DOC-9) The Origins of Morality 3     |       2       |      1
THEO-201 (DOC-10)

Transmutation Theology (Prerequisite:1st 9 Volumes)

3     |       2       |      1
PSY-101 (DOC-11) Transmutation Psychology (Prerequisite:1st 10 Volumes) 3     |       2       |      1
THEO-201 (DOC-12) You Have Heard It Said (Prerequisite:1st 11 Volumes) 3     |       2       |      1

Simply Indicate the Volume Number(s) you are paying for in the popup form.
Then multiply $60.00 USd by the number of volumes you are choosing and enter the info into the form.
(e.g., Description: DOC Volumes 1-10  Item Price: $600.00)
(e.g., Description: DOC Volume 1  Item Price: $60.00)

Click here for Student Forms for course completions.

Note: If you find any of these courses helpful, please consider making a donation so we can continue to offer these courses and more for your enjoyment and personal and professional development.



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