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n/f ALU Faculty


Daniel Briggs, Ph.D.
President & Faculty

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  Ph.D.            Walden University
  CAC             Alfred Adler Inst. of N.E.
  B.A.              Union Inst & University
Indiana Bible College
  B.A. Cand.   Norwich University
  Th. Cert.       ABI/
Northeast Christian College

  Current Positions:
  Founder/Chairman - WCMA
  Founder/President/Professor - ALU
  Founder - GCC

  Past Positions:
  Founder, President & CEO - BCC
  Lic. Clin. Counselor - CHCS & BCC
  Adjunct Professor - IADT at Sanford-Brown College
  Founder/Pastor - FAC
  Financial Counselor - FIC
  Radiographer II -

David Gutierrez, M.D.





  M.D.             VC of Medicine
  M.S., Med.   University of Nebraska
  B.S., Med.    G Washington University
  A.S., Nurs.   Excelsior College

  Current Positions:
  Faculty - ALU
  Medical Asst. - U.S. Naval Medicine

  Past Positions:
  Hospital Corpsman - U.S. Naval Hospital Corp.
  Several Volunteer Medical Missions - Naval Hospital Yokosuka Japan, etc.



Jacques Van den Berg, Ph.D.



  Ph.D. in Theology      Aletheia Logos University
  M.Div.                          Aletheia Logos University
  B.A. (Th.)                     Stellenbosch University

  Current Positions:
  Faculty - ALU
  Expression Theology Developer - SE
  Energy Entrepreneur - SE

  Past Positions:
  Copyrighter/Translator (for 40 years)
  Author - Veni Creator Spiritus, NT Commentary
  Bible Translator



Moses Kharat, M.D.



  M.D.     GMC-Maharshi Dayanand University
  B.S.       GMC-Maharshi Dayanand University

  Current Positions:
  Faculty - ALU
  Medical Officer/Anesthetist - St. Luke's Hospital

  Past Positions:
  Medical Officer - All Nations Global Outreach
  Medical Supt. - CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)



Benjamin Briggs, M.D.


  M.D.                   Univ. of Vermont - Medicine
  B.S. Chemistry  Univ. Maine at Orono

  Current Positions:
  Faculty - ALU
  Academic Board Member - ALU
  Officer/Pediatrician - Naval Medical Center 
  Researcher - Bleeding Disorders in Noonan Syndrome (Published w/Pediatric Blood
   and Cancer

  Past Positions:
  Behavioral Health Specialist I - BCC
  Director & Officer - Office Management Systems, Inc.

Adjunct Faculty



Diana Murray, Ph.D. Cand.
Adjunct Faculty


  Ph.D., Cand.  Aletheia Logos Univ.
  CPTI             CTTA
  B.R.E.           ALU w/30 Credits Norwich Univ.
                                      30 Credits 
Univ. S. Maine

  Current Positions:
  Adjunct Faculty - ALU
  Missionary - CAL-Ireland
  Psychotherapist -

  Past Positions:
  Founder/Managing Dir. -
  Founder - New Life Mission
  HR Mgr. Consultant
  HR Mgr. - Precision Screw
  HR Mgr. - ICI
  Development Dir. - MAI
  Fundraising Dir. - PMM
  Int'l Speaker - Ireland, Norway, Canada, USA

Daniel J. Briggs, M.S.
Adjunct Faculty


  M.S. Psy.        Husson Univ.
  B.A. Psy.        
Univ. Maine at Orono

  Current Positions:
  ALU Adjunct Faculty - ALU
  Admissions Dir./Bursar - ALU
  Therapeutic Specialist -

  Past Positions:
  Payroll Dir./Plant Mgr. - BCC
  Software Designer - Office Management Systems, Inc.
  Construction Supt. - South Gate Apartments


Agazi Tedla, MBA, Cand.
Adjunct Faculty



  MBA Cand.     Business School Netherlands
  BA                    Dundee University
  BPC                  Aletheia Logos University
  Cert PA            University of Asmara

  Current Positions:
  Consultant      Free Lance
  HR Mgr.          HNR Hospital
  Adj. Faculty    ALU

  Past Positions:
  Accountant     PHNR Hospital
  Purchaser        Ministry of Health



Prathap Kathimanda,
D. Min. Cand.
Adjunct Faculty


  D.Min. Cand.  Aletheia Logos Univ.
  M.A. Lit.         Andhra Univ.
  M.A. Psy.       Andhra Univ.
  B.A.                 Andhra Univ.

  Current Positions:
  Adjunct Faculty - ALU
  Founder/Principal/Dir. - VVC & ADC
  Founder -
Grace Ministries

  Past Positions:
  Journalist (15 yrs) - Mandal Reporte

In Loving Memory Of

Richard Murray, D.R.E. Cand.
Former ALU Adjunct Faculty

  D.R.E. Cand.    Aletheia Logos Univ.
  M.C.A. ALU w/21 Credits Univ. S. Maine
  B.C.A.  ALU w/93 Credits Northeast Univ.
                                          40 Credits
Boston College

    Past Positions:

Board Director - WCMA & ALU
  Adjunct Faculty - ALU
  Dir. Student Affairs - ALU
  Missionary/Pastor -
  Co-Owner/Dir. of Sales & Marketing - Kylemore Acres Ltd.
  Radio Presenter - Midlands 103
  Operations Mgr. - PS
  Senior Planner - Elan Corp.
  Production Mgr. - Ventrex Laboratories, Inc.
  Quality Assurance Mgr. - ETC Flextronics, Inc.
  Founder/Operations Mgr. - Vortech Corp.
  Materials Mgr. -


Aletheia Logos University
10671 U.S. Hwy Route 301
Oxford, FL 34484

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