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Tuition for WCMA Members:

Application Fee (non-refundable)     $     25.00

Tuition per Core Course/CB             $     60.00

Tuition per KAD                                $   300.00

Graduation Fee                                $   300.00

* WCMA members (who are free members) have the privilege of attending ALU at the above tuition prices because ALU is the academic training arm of WCMA. Students can attend ALU from anywhere in the world though our virtual campus. ALU exists wherever its students, staff and faculty exist. See Student Services for information on transcripts and degree diplomas.

Note: The textbook donations are now included within the tuition fee requested from WCMA for each of the Core Course textbooks. WCMA still allows free downloading on their site for individuals with financial hardships and wish to study independently, but academic progress at ALU is not available until tuition fees are paid in full and recorded; this enables all individuals the opportunity for self-directed study at the very minimum.

Tuition Payment Plan

Not available.


Not available at this time.

International Students

As a FREE WCMA member, all international students have the same access as U.S. students.

Refund Policy

100% if requested prior to submitting any Core Courses or KADs for faculty approval.



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