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The mission and purpose of Aletheia Logos University is to provide high-quality academic study for adult learners who may or may not be an established ecclesiastical or allied health professional but wants a degree to enhance their personal growth as well as their chosen profession, vocation, avocation, or life work and who may not be able to attend a traditional university. This century has seen unprecedented social, political, technological and religious changes, and more profound changes lie ahead. By seeking a better understanding of the potential problems of the future, ALU aspires to contribute to making it a more humane and spiritual one through the academic and professional successes of its students and alumni.

The specific educational objectives of ALU are:

1. To Create Alternative Degree Opportunities for Adults.
To provide education, resources and programs on a dispersed basis via virtual campus technology to mature adults whose professional, family and learning styles make attendance at traditional universities difficult if not impossible. Students do not convene on a regular basis in any one place. Rather students are required to attend one five-day session each year (and one three-week summer session at the doctoral level preferably during the first year of enrollment).
2. To Conduct Curriculum Through Competency Assessments of Learning Outcomes.
To create opportunities for students to demonstrate degree level knowledge equivalent to educational outcomes in traditional, university degree programs via Knowledge Area Demonstration (KADs) developed by synthesis of both research, (utilizing a technologically advanced library system) and professional didactic experience.
3. To Provide an Adult Learning Environment Based Upon Knowledge of Adult Development. 
To help adult learners understand themselves in the context of change as a lifelong learning process assisting them in life planning including spiritual, psychological, maturational and professional development.
4. To Promote multi-discipline and Integrative Education by Bringing Together the Various Disciplines of Philosophy, Health Sciences and Theology.
5. To Provide undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels of religious oriented education for individuals wanting to enhance their spiritual, philosophical, professional and clinical understanding and who can advance the state of knowledge in new applications. To promote a ￿team spirit￿ for the good of the public￿s holistic health.
6. To Educate and Develop Clerics and Health Care Practitioners Who Will Eventually Increase the Availability of Ministry and Health Care in Local and Global Areas Suffering from Ministerial and Health Care Shortages.
ALU offers a sensible alternative for the degree pursuits of full-time professionals via its virtual campus technology. ALU￿s approach is compatible to societal changes and needs.




Aletheia Logos University
10671 U.S. Hwy Route 301
Oxford, FL 34484

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