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This program is still under development and
NOT yet available to the public.

ACCE Professional Certificates

Aletheia Logos University College of Continuing Education (ACCE) offers many certificate courses and CEU courses for those professionals needing affordable continuing education units required for re-licensure or re-certification as well as for those seeking personal and professional development. These certificate courses and professional certifications are offered through ALU's College of Continuing Education (ACCE) Courses.

ACCE's certificate training courses are open enrollment courses. That means you can enroll at any time from anywhere, 24/7, 365 days per year. Just select a course, pay for it online (pay as you go, just follow the links) and then you can begin your course within three (3) days or less (usually within 24 hours). For those students seeking a professional certification are eligible to receive one after they have successfully completed any combination of ten (10) courses (30 credits). You can acquire a "Certification" in the concentration of your choice, but keep in mind that your choice must be from one of the concentration courses you successfully completed. Completing a "Certification" program is not a requirement in order to take one or more courses: you can simply take one or more courses just for the sake of personal and/or professional growth and development.

You can also use these courses* to satisfy CEU requirements for your professional license renewal or re-certification. Each course is worth 3 CEUs (30 Contact Hours). To review ACCE's professional Certifications and course offerings go to the link below.


Certification Programs are not part of ALU's degree programs or their cost structure. If you want to gain college credits for completing certificate courses, you can convert your successfully completed courses into three (3) undergraduate credits (or graduate credits, depending on your current level of education) per completed course. To do so, you must submit an application for admissions. You do not have to enroll to receive a CEU Certificate of Completion (3 CEUs per course). There is a $25 charge for the "certification diploma" (for shipping and handling charges). The total cost for each of our professional certification course packages is Free for WCMA Members. The nominal fee for non-members would be $350 per credit hour so this is a great savings. If you do NOT want ALU to generate an academic record or be issued a "certification diploma" upon your successful completion, then this $25 diploma fee is waived.






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