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Student Services
Faculty Advisement

Faculty advisement occurs on an individual basis.  When students are at home they e-mail their work to their advisors and assessors.  Faculty advisers and assessors respond with careful reviews containing encouragement and suggestions for further progress.  Phone calls and, in some cases, individual Skype meetings are additional ways faculty advisors and assessors stay in close communication with students. 

Students share the results of their work with each other and their faculty advisor and assessors.  They also write evaluations of their projects, as do their advisors and assessors. 

Virtual Residencies are much more than planning times.  These days allow students to be free from the claims of daily life and are opportunities for students to examine their lives from different perspectives. 

People who choose ALU programs can enter at any time due to ALU's continuous enrollment. 

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an academic advisor after completing the online Application for Admissions process.  The Academic Advisors respond to questions regarding policies, faculty advisors, petitions, as well as virtual residency and academic requirements.  In addition, they work closely with Faculty Assessors to monitor student progress.  Advisors counsel students regarding track faculty and assessor changes. 

Financial Aid 

ALU no longer offers Free Tuition. See "Financial Information" in this catalog. 

Technologically Advanced Library Services 

Due to the nature of the degree programs, a campus library is not necessary.  However, ALU has an online library containing hundreds of thousands of books, journals, and periodicals of hard-to-find resources to help students acquire materials for their bibliographies. 

During residencies, students will be trained how to do independent research through computer technology and inter-loans at local and post-secondary libraries.   

Although ALU has a growing online library, students are encouraged to utilize any and all local libraries in the town(s) or city(ies) where they live via physical visits or electronic access.  This affords students access to literally millions of books, manuscripts, journals and other published and unpublished materials.

Transcripts & Degree Diplomas 

Students may request for a copy of their transcripts at any time, providing they have no outstanding debts on their student financial transcripts, for a fee of $8.00 per copy (USA cost) and $12.00 per copy (International). You must send your request in writing by sending a scanned written request attached to an e-mail sent to the Registrar's Office and paying the fee via our Donate button (simply specify the reason: Transcripts): .

            There is a $300 graduation fee; if a student desires a replacement degree diploma, there is a combined printing, handling and shipping fee of $35.00 (USA) and $45.00 (International). Send your request attached to an  email sent to the Registrar's Office and paying the fee via our Donate button (simply specify the reason as: Degree Diploma):


Any students requiring internship placements as a part of their degree work may seek assistance from the Director of Student Affairs.   

Academic Awards 

ALU no longer offers academic awards at this time; which were granted annually to students who produce the most outstanding research.  One award was granted at each degree level totaling three awards.  Recognition was given to both student and student's faculty advisor. 

Student Awards 

All WCMA registered members can attend ALU at the posted discounted tuition rates.





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